Artoletta is a new culture which will bring people delight and surprise. The practical sense
that toilet is white may go out of use by the introduction of Artoletta. The design of Artoletta
can be arranged by such as Japanese traditional Ukiyo-e, international works of art and
various kind of patterns, all of which are carefully decorated one by one by craftsmen.
Artoletta, born in Japan, merged toilet with art as the word tells. People enjoy the toilet
design as a fashion and the restroom space will keep evolving by gaining a new
option. And finally, Artoletta will enrich people’s lives.



Works of art, illustrations and photos are printed onto vinyl films that are heated and then
wrapped around a toilet. These films can be removed and the toilet may be restored to its
original condition; or a new illustration or photo may be wrapped upon request. As toilets
are regularly cleaned to maintain a good sanitary environment, these wrappings are
designed to retain their original color and hard to come off. The toilet has been transformed
into a work of art and the restroom has become a room people of all ages desire to visit.



A 3 years of intensive research and experimentation were undertaken for mapping
techniques and composite films. Algorithms were developed that allowed works of art,
illustrations and photos to be wrapped around toilets without distorting the image.
Composite films and adhesives that meet the sanitary requirements of toilet which cause
no discoloration nor detachment were also developed.



Vinyl composite films composed of several very thin layers were developed so the image
printed retains its color. Special adhesives are used which ensure the films shall not come
off by normal sweeping etc, while also allowing the toilet to be restored to its original
condition or new images may be wrapped around the toilet upon request.



Taikou Juken standard warranty begins on the date of toilet-wrapping work completion and
period by 1 year, and wrapping durable is more than 5 years. Covers the cost of all parts
and labor needed to repair any defective item on your toilet wrapping supplied by
Taikou Juken.


A beautifully decorated toilet provide our mind with a healing through visual sense. It
means the end of a negative restroom environment which is dirty and dark for not only kids
but for adults. In a commercial complex, Artoletta is a topic and attracting customers. This
product also contributes to the medical welfare. It provides not only a healing but support
for people with weak eye sight to identify the toilet location by using a color easy to see.
This technology may be applied to other interiors such as wall, furniture and equipment i.e.
a restroom could be totally coordinated and decorated.

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