Taikou Juken Corporation


When Taikou Jyuken Corp. was engaged in the disaster recovery activity against the GreatEast Japan Earthquake & Tsunami in 2011 as a plumbing company,
we saw the severe health hazard of our neighbors caused by worsened environment of lavatories, which gave us an inspiration of creating a sophisticated toilet environment and its maintenance.
Just as Mr. Steve Jobs had developed iMac which yielded a new potentiality of PC,
TJC has launched Artoletta project with the idea that putting art on a pure white canvas surely brings a designability which will realize a splendid toilet environment.


ARTOLETTA Division’s major footprints are ;

2015 :

In May 2015, the ARTOLETTA Division presented ARTOLETTA in INDEX 2015

DESIGN AWARD held in Dubai and TJ Corp. was selected as the finalist.

2016 :

December. 2016 - TOKYO DESIGN WEEK 2016

Mr. Kouji Akama, selected as one of the top 50 creators, presented his work at

SHARAKU-Inspired Exhibition in TOKYO DESIGN WEEK, which is the biggest

design festival in Japan. SHARAKU TOILETTA became a big topic through

SNS world-wide.

2017 :

In spring 2017, ARTOLETTA was awarded a bronze prize from A’Design Award in


After spending 3 years+ for development phase, TJ Corporation finally decided to promote

marketing ARTOLETTA in the Dubai area and other major international markets.


August . 2017 - OMOTENASHI SELECTION 2017

OMOTENASHI SELECTION is a sales promotion project for which

selected good products from all over Japan attend. ARTOLETTA is

among 13 Gold Prize winners.

Company Over View

Address 1-17-3 choumeigaoka, izumi-ku,sendai-city,Miyagi,Japan
TEL +81-22-378-4543 FAX +81-22-378-5194
Establishment 1987
CEO Koji akama